What more can you say about a city with a tasty reputation like Victoria? Can there really be too many instagram accounts, Top 10 lists and conversations dedicated to the best dishes, epic burgers, and key brunching spots? The answer is no because here we are creating another Top 10 list to guide your Victoria eating adventures.

While we don’t want to tell you how to live your life, we are telling you these are must-have food experiences. We broke it down into some sub-categories to help you prioritize. Read on and thank us later.

Must try (Because it’s famous and people will ask you about it)

Ferris’ Oyster Bar

Upstairs or downstairs, this place has been crafting its reputation since 1991. Order those oysters because the name begs you to test out its namesake. There’s also something of a buzz around the veggie nut burger, so throw that on the order. With a couple atmosphere options (upper-scale upstairs, downstairs chill or outdoor patio lounging), you can take your pick and keep slurping the oysters.

Red Fish Blue Fish

Victoria at its best: Recycled environment, waterfront view and sustainable seafood. This Victoria eatery has been an establishment for over 10 years. Order a Wild Salmon Sandwich, a Cod Dog or Jerk Fish and get your fresh fish fix while enjoying the chilly, ocean breeze. That’s a whole lot of Pacific exposure so take it all in.


While strolling the downtown core, you’ll likely stroll into Rebar. Settle in and let the menu options sink in. “From seed to table”, this popular restaurant focuses on carefully and consciously prepared food. If you think the main menu is hard to choose from, take a look at the dessert menu. Hint: opt for the carrot cake.

Should try (Because it’s got that local, unique vibe)

10 Acres

From an organic farm to your table, 10 Acres is the solution to those craving fresh, seasonal foods. The menu items are selected based on seasonal availability. Yes, it may be a trend now but it’s also for your benefit. Let’s hope the Chicken Pot Pie, made with island raised, hormone and antibiotic free meat, is available.


There’s the downtown Nourish location and then its sister company, Charlotte and the Quail, is a scenic drive into the backcountry area of Saanich. Try one and you’ll likely try both. Both have the beauty and coziness of a bed and breakfast, but you didn’t have to give up your bed for the homey welcome. If you’re brunching, ask to have half Benny’s Gone Nuts (kale & mushroom sauté, sweet potato base) and half Sleeping Beauty Pancakes (oatmeal pancakes, seasonal fruit compote, organic whipped cream, bee pollen sprinkles & maple syrup). Yes, it’s as good as it sounds and therefore an absolute should-try dish.

Big Wheel Burger

You’re heading to Cook Street for this one. Free range meats that are antibiotic/hormone free, grass fed and ground fresh daily, along with the daily specials, it’s hard to beat a Big Wheel deal. You could get lucky and score the Mac n’ Cheese Burger featured special.

Stage Wine Bar

Welcome to the borough of Fernwood. Here you’ll find Stage Wine Bar with its simple yet effective approach to food: Make as much of the menu “in-house” as possible. That includes the breads, pastas (including gnocchi), stocks, and charcuterie. And there’s wine, lots of wine.

Must taste (Because they have those specific menu items to blow your mind)

L’ecole Brasserie

Looking for the best steak in town? You found it. If we’re being honest you can truly order anything from the menu and be impressed. We’re just saying steak is a good place to start. Comes with a pretty solid wine list, too. Don’t forget to pair that dish with wine.

North 48

You get to stay downtown for this one. Remember these words: Noodle Bowl. There’s just enough spice to give it a kick, and a mix of flavours that create a memorable, recommendation-worthy dish. (Again, you can take a chance on the rest of the menu because you’ll be anything but disappointed.)

Could Test (Because life’s too short to miss out on good food)

Lum’s Chinese Restaurant

Take out. Some days we just need it. This gives you the good food with a good amount of it. Share with the group or keep the leftovers and eat for days.


We know food is a serious island topic, so we have to ask: Did we miss one of your go-to spots? Fill us in.