If you want the best fish tacos in town, you very likely know your place. The best ice cream? We all know that answer. If you want time with the ocean and a good book, there’s a patch of rocky sand or a spot of cliff rock with your name on it. We’re all creatures of some kind of habit. So when it comes to chasing the sun into the evening hours and hunting down the last pink, yellow and orange hues on the island, where do you run? We have our picks.

We’ve rounded up these 5 epic locations for your sunset viewing pleasure. This island living comes with colourful perks.


Elk Lake, Central Saanich

If you’re heading out by bike, we admire you. The Pat Bay Highway isn’t a casual ride, but your destination will make the sweat and hustle worth it. If it’s a weekday evening, there likely won’t be too many adventurers hitting the road at sun setting time, so, bonus. If you were watching the sun rise here, you’d have front row seats to a rowing team practice (more to follow on wicked sunrises in future post). The Victoria City Rowing Club is located here, but come dusk, the competitive energy has left the scene and the privacy is a luxury. Calm water, mountains, trees and a colourful sky will likely be the only things to greet you. Unless you count the birds.


Inner Harbour, Downtown Victoria

Cruising on a boat and watching the sunset, isn’t that the dream? So you don’t have the boat, fair enough, but who’s to say you can’t get a taste of the experience? The inner harbour is your ticket to Instagram gold and yacht paradise. You’ve got the backdrop of mountains, the water inches away, and all that downtown energy at your back. The sunset really is the cherry on top. So you’re not actually on a boat, good news: there’s several restaurants along the strip that provide tasty beverages. Sip, chill and forget about your lack of boat. That sunset though, take it in.


Macaulay Point Park, Esquimalt

If this stroll doesn’t scream west coast, best coast, you’re trying pretty hard to block the vibes. There’s little buzz here and isn’t that the island beauty of it? A lot of tranquility, a little breeze and a dog or two eager to greet and re-greet you while owners apologize for the attention. It’s a well-known spot for dog walkers, hikers and birdwatchers, yet you can feel the sweet isolation on any given evening. A couple trails and access points lead to view of the Strait of Juan de Fuca so there’s that epicness too. All to give you a sunset for social media bragging rights and an adventure that doesn’t involve a weekend travel schedule.


Dallas Road/Odgen Point

Here we have a classic tourist photo op and the stunning results prove why. You’ll grab a coffee at the Breakwater, or pause for a pint, then stroll and snap away. Everyone is doing it so ain’t no shame with that selfie stick. There have been a few tales told along that pier. Not quite done with the outing, you’ll continue along Dallas Road and get that beach access. Perhaps you’ll run into a friendly face or text a friend from far away to share the moment or just throw it on Instagram and let the Likes roll in. Any way it plays out, it paints a nice picture, doesn’t it?


Highrock Park, Esquimalt

We know what some of you may be thinking at this point: They missed some serious sunset gems. (Saxe Point, Cattle Point…we know). Look, they’re great spots but sometimes elevation wins. Highrock Park is the highest point of land in Esquimalt at 71 metres in elevation, offering 360 degree views of the area, including downtown Victoria, the Sooke Hills and the Olympic Mountains. The park is easy to find and once you’re there, a couple steps off the beaten track will find you on a perch similar to Drake’s Views. Enjoy being at the top.

turbulentflow/ Flickr

turbulentflow/ Flickr

Bonus: That ferry sunset. Because if we’re being honest, if you absolutely have to be there, you should go at the right time and make it worth the commute.


Did you take a Victoria sunset picture and you’re thinking it deserves the spotlight? Tag @blog_victoria on Instagram and show us. We’ll likely think the same thing.