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Everybody has their own unique dating style. Some people like to wow their date with an incredible and expensive meal, some like to be adventurous and test their date’s limits with extreme sports, some people like to be demure and spend time in a cosy cafe getting to know one another. Victoria Hype has compiled a list that caters to the masses: a date for any kind of couple.

For the outdoorsy types, we recommend hitting either Dallas Road or the Goldstream Trestles. Yes, they are the most cliched spots in Victoria to visit, but they are cliched for a reason people – fall in love while the waves crash melodically behind you, or squeeze each others’ hands tight while balancing along the tracks over the valley below! Both areas allow for stolen glances, quiet conversations, and the ability to bond while taking in the beautiful views of the PNW.

For the adrenaline junkies there is no better place to visit than WildPlay Element Parks. Nothing says team building quite like ziplining through the forest alongside your partner. Learn each other’s’ strengths and weaknesses, support each other through difficult tasks, and celebrate your joint triumphs. This first date is the precursor to a long and fruitful relationship built off the strong foundation of teamwork and trust/fear meltdowns.

For the brave/curious/geeky among us, it may be of your liking to take your date to The Victoria Bug Zoo for your very first romantic encounter. This is a magical destination for your first date; crawling with opportunities to get to know one another(‘s fears, and weaknesses and limits). Place a giant centipede on your date’s face, eat a buggy lollipop, and then maybe take them for dinner for being such a good sport.

For the hopeless romantics there is no better option than the traditional candlelit dinner. We would highly recommend visiting an establishment like Brasserie L’Ecole. This intimate and classy venue is the perfect location for a three course meal paired with a delicious glass of vino. End the evening with a walk down Government Street, or to the wharf for a beautiful view of the water at sunset. Fancy-shmancy!

For the night owls the ultimate spot to take your future significant other is to the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory where on select evenings the Observatory is opened to the public to do some serious star gazing. Wow your date with your extensive knowledge of the night sky, explore the galaxy together, and wish upon a shooting star! Too much? How about you enjoy some hot cocoa and guess what’s a star and what’s a satellite.

For the low maintenance date, also known as the ‘no pressure date’, the ‘is this a friend thing? date’ or the ‘slow playing it date’, we recommend Fernwood Coffee. Topping our list of Best Coffee Spots in Victoria, Fernwood Coffee is a laid back venue with killer espresso and chill vibes. Meet up with your date and get to know one another over java and scones. Bon Apetit!

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