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I hail from Kelowna, BC. For anyone who’s been to Kelowna, you can agree that it is one of the most beautiful areas in BC to live. The gorgeous mountains of the interior cascade down into the Okanagan Valley and settle in the stunning Okanagan Lake. I loved growing up there. Five years ago I moved to Victoria, and I could never imagine leaving! This place was incredible for so many different reasons. There’s something about the air here, there’s something about the vibe. The people on the Island are so unique to any other place I have been. For that reason, I am so passionately confident that I will stay here forever.

photo: tourismvictoria.com

But what is it about Victorians that makes them so different you ask? Well here’s my take on it… perhaps you agree.

When you’re walking through the streets of Victoria you are guaranteed to see some interesting outfits. Everything from corporate suits to sweatpants to rainbow coloured ponchos. But what sets Victoria apart is the inclusivity and acceptance of every style of individual. Individuality is so common on the streets of Victoria, and I truly believe it is so because the people of Victoria let us be us. Leaving the house without feeling self conscious is a rarity in regular communities, but not for us! Victorians are inclusive.

photo: glaciermedia.ca

photo: glaciermedia.ca

Everywhere in the world you can find passionate people. That being said, the passion that originates in garages, basements and workplaces throughout our city permeates through to every bit of our culture. The passion for the environment is so incredibly prominent in our society. The passion for mental health and wellness manifests through our complex network of support systems. Passion for hobbies and skills are rampant and supported by all – because Victorians do just that; they support each others’ dreams and passions. BAM.

Victorians are progressive. They look towards the future when it comes to issues of gender, race, and sexual identity. Victoria is among one of the first cities to adopt gender neutral washrooms, and to embrace PRIDE with open arms in the community. And have you heard? Victoria is the best place in Canada to be a woman! It is rare to find a community so committed to looking to the future and ensuring every human being feels cared for and appreciated.  

photo: vancitybuzz.com

photo: vancitybuzz.com

Victorians are Outdoorsy! One of the best things about our glorious city is the breathtaking views in nature. There is always something to do and to see outside, and Victorians are well aware of the beauty that surrounds them. The engagement of the community in outdoor events and environmental preservation is super rad. We love our planet.

Creative. This one goes without saying. The people of Victoria might be the most damn creative people that I have ever met! Everywhere I go I am wow’ed by the incredible art in the everyday. People work on their craft and express themselves in such a variety of ways that there is always something to do and see in town. Victorians know how to channel that right side of the brain and create some spectacular things.

As a result of all of these incredible qualities, inhabitants of Victoria are confident that they are in the best city in Canada and perhaps even the world! Victorians are proud of the amazing community they have built, and they are not afraid to show it.