Survival skills are essential in this modern age. Knowing what you need to do to outlast your competitors is vital. Commanding control over your body and pushing its limits will ensure you come out on top. The sweet nectar that fuels this success? Coffee! To survive the early morning commutes, to triumph over late night study sessions, to motivate yourself to get off the couch to hit the gym; the answer is always coffee!

Victoria is saturated with java stops, but in order to survive in this crazy world, you, inquiring reader, must learn the BEST coffee spots in Vic. Read on to learn more….


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One of the most well known coffee shops in Victoria, and for good reason! Get your morning fix of java while enjoying a beautiful piece of art in your cup! From rich traditional macchiatos to foamy cappuccinos, these baristas have mastered their craft.


When it comes to franchises, there is a common perception that a rise in locations = a drop in quality. This is most certainly not the case with Discovery Coffee! Smooth espresso with delicious snacks will most certainly provide a perfect pick-me-up.


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Fernwood Coffee

This establishment offers a very quaint and cool vibe. The coffee is exquisite. The espresso poured has a beautiful crema, a strong taste and limited bitterness. We would definitely recommend this spot as an experience. Hang out and read a book, attempt a crossword or read your horoscope while you charge up for the day ahead.

Bows and Arrows

Let’s mix it up, folks! Try this delicious coffee from the roasters themselves! This fragrant and tasty location is just minutes from the Gorge waterway, allowing for a crisp morning walk with a yummy warm beverage.

Union Pacific

Let’s talk about the patio – a beautiful spot in Dragon Alley perfect for a quick break from the office or a little escape from the hectic day. The espresso is high quality and the microfoam on their lattes is a creamy and smooth indulgence. Furthermore, they serve a full menu for breakfast and lunch!

Do you have a favourite coffee shop here in Victoria? Let us know!