Sometimes you’re starving. And sometimes work is hectic. And sometimes you’re honestly just in a rush. Sometimes all you want is to look down at your desk and will a delicious meal to appear right in front of you. We at Victoria Hype get that, and we’ve got you covered.


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Italian Food Imports

This deliciously authentic Italian deli located on Blanchard Street is a definite hit for lunch! Try one of their delicious toasted paninis or fresh pasta salads. Mmmmmm il mafioso!

Sam’s Deli

With a menu that caters to the masses, you’ll be sure to find something you love in this cafeteria-style deli. Bonus: in true Victoria fashion, they’ve got Blue Buck and Phoenix Lager on tap!

The Joint

Pizza by the slice never tasted so good! The Joint offers an amazing array of toppings as well as the option to make your own custom pizza if you’re feeling crafty. Pizza by the slice, or entire pizza for one, we ain’t judgin’! Gluten free and vegan options are available. Naturally.

Bigwheel Burger

Two words: feature milkshake. Big wheel is known for it’s delicious burgers and speedy service but holy moly if you do not try one of the featured milkshakes you will be filled with regret! We’re hungry just writing about them.


Originally based in Tofino, this punny taco joint is the last word in tacos. Pick your protein and allow the cooks to work their magic in creating a scrumptious (and healthy) lunch for you to grab and go!



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We won’t let you sacrifice eating delicious snacks simply because you are run-ragged. These spots are quick and easy and sure to please! Bon Appetite!