‘Tis the season for spending: purchasing winter gear, Christmas presents, decorations and the like. It is difficult to justify heading out on the town while pinching pennies, but never fear – Victoria Hype has you covered! These are some amazing activities you can do in town without burning a hole in your wallet.

Beacon Hill Petting Zoo

This family friendly spot is open every day and is governed on donations only. At the zoo you can find a number of different species of birds, goats, sheep and donkeys! In fair weather you can see the goats run daily at 10:10am and 4:10pm! Once you’ve experienced the zoo, head for a relaxing stroll through the beautiful Beacon Hill Park.

Fisherman’s Wharf

Check out the funky and eclectic mix of floating houses down along the Wharf. Spot some seals and one greedy otter hanging out by the fish stand. Tour through the boats to find the one with the funniest name!

Sunset Spots

Taking in the sunset is one of the most relaxing and beautiful things to do in Victoria. Some of the best sunset spots are: Mount Tolmie, Moss Rocks, Clover Point, Mount Douglas and Saxe Point Park. Grab a thermos of hot chocolate and a cosy blanket and head over to take in the view.

Goldstream Trestles

Any true Victorianite knows of this spot, but perhaps they are not aware that there is in fact a second set of trestles as well as an abandoned vehicle located just beyond the iconic trestle bridge. Check it out!



photo: static.panoramio.com

Parliament Buildings

The BC Legislature offers free 45 minute tours every day of the week! Learn about our political history and explore the beautiful architecture of this historical building. The tours begin just outside the front steps of the Parliament Building main entrance and leave at regular intervals throughout the day.

Brewery Tastings 

Did you know that you can go to any brewery in town and sample different beers free of charge? That’s right! And with so many of Victoria’s iconic breweries within walking distance, one could conduct their very own Brewery Crawl.

Finnerty Gardens

Finnerty Gardens is a beautiful spot located on the University of Victoria campus. There you can find many beautiful varieties of local and imported plants, combined with calming water features and winding paths. It is not uncommon to see people wandering through, reading a book, or meditating in these serene gardens.

Antique Row Fort Street

A great spot to do some serious window shopping! Antique row is the perfect place to find unique and handmade pieces, and funky one of a kind trinkets.



photo: staticflickr.com

Ross Bay Cemetery

Walking through a cemetery – creepy or cool? If you chose the latter, we would highly recommend you visit the Ross Bay Cemetery! Explore the grounds and see if you can spot celebrity tombstones of Emily Carr, Bill Barker and James Douglas.

Ogden Point Breakwater

This is a must-see, especially on stormy nights. Head down to the breakwater when the storm’s-a-brewin’ to be blown away by the strong winds, soaked by the sideways rain, and amazed by the crashing waves! Rubber boots mandatory.

We hope these few options have inspired you to get out and enjoy our lovely city, without having to spend a dime!