Let’s talk craft beer. The love for beer is so deeply entrenched in our identity on the West coast. Our drive to innovate and create exciting new blends has made us the craft beer capital of Canada. On Vancouver Island, that status stands.

You don’t have to look far to find a craft brewery in Victoria. In the downtown core alone, there are a handful of incredible breweries for you to check out!


Lighthouse: Known for its iconic brew named after one of our beloved landmarks, Race Rocks is a must try at Lighthouse Brewery. If you’re looking to fill a growler, you’ll be happy to know that this brewery has a high-tech growler filling station that will keep your favourites suds fresh for up to 30 days!

Driftwood: White Bark Witbier and Fat Tug IPA are the go-to drinks at this brewery. Driftwood is located mere steps from Lighthouse and Hoyne Breweries. Can you say brewery crawl?

Hoyne: Hoyne is home to some of the most well-known beers on the island. Dark Matter, Down Easy, Helios are all top sellers here in Victoria. Take a closer look at the label art, you will be able to see reference to other beers hiding in the background!

photo: rtwgirl.com

photo: rtwgirl.com


Vancouver Island: if you are into light beer with a familiar taste, look no further. Vancouver Island Brewing offers some true tastes for your classic favourites. Try the Juan de Fuca Cerveza or the 19 IPA.

Philips: Most familiar for its island favourite, Blue Buck, Philips Brewery is an incredible location for innovative and exciting brews.and boy do they know how to throw a party! Phillips Backyard Weekender is an incredible weekend hosted at the brewery itself, filled with talented musicians and tasty suds.

Moon Under Water: Tranquility IPA is our beer of choice at this delicious brewpub. Head down on tuesday night for 3$ tacos and enjoy some delicious brews in the process.

If you’re able to wander a little further from the downtown core, we recommend checking out these fantastic breweries and brewpubs.


Canoe Club: Located on the outskirts of downtown Victoria, Canoe Club is a beautiful building with high ceilings and exposed brick. You can enjoy a flight while listening to live music by our favourite in-house band, Electric Sex Panther.

Spinnakers: Recently releasing their Firefighters ‘Thirst Extinguisher’ Session Lager, Spinnakers knows how to put a positive and delicious spin on any situation.

Swans: If you’re looking to enjoy some tasty local craft beer and not have to worry about the journey home, visit Swans. Not only do they have a great selection of brews, but they have a hotel upstairs as well!

Axe and Barrel: A newer establishment, Axe and Barrel has a number of interesting craft beers to offer. Check out their Rye Pale Ale.

Category 12: Hands down one of the greatest island breweries, Category 12 is known for it’s edgy approach to craft beer. Try Transmutation, Induction, Anomaly and many others!

Red Arrow Brewing: Wander a bit further up island and you’ll find yourself at Red Arrow Brewing. Check out their Idle Hands feature beer.


In conclusion, if you have yet to explore Victoria’s craft brewery hub – GET YOUR BUTT DOWNTOWN! And don’t forget your growler!



Featured Image: tripadvisor.com