Victoria is full of exciting locations to shop, thrift, and peruse. From malls, to districts, to pop-up farmers markets, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for while shopping around. Here at Victoria Hype, we have compiled a cheat sheet for all of the best shopping in town:


Bay Centre – Located in the heart of downtown, the Bay Centre is the epicentre of shopping in Victoria. Whether you’re looking for clothes, shoes or beauty products, the Bay Centre has you covered. Explore the largest Bay store in town, eat a tasty meal, and then get a workout at Goodlife Fitness (located in the upper floor of the mall).



Mayfair Mall –  One thing we LOVE about Mayfair Mall is the ample parking surrounding the building. Unlike anything in the downtown core, Mayfair offers free and no-stress parking. Once inside, you will see tons of familiar storefronts. If you’re looking to get all of your clothing shopping done at once, this is the spot for you.

Hillside Mall – Unlike the other malls listed, Hillside is much more multi- faceted. With a large Canadian Tire, BCAA, Thrifties, BC Liquor Store and Scotiabank, you can get all of your errands done while shopping for clothing and luxury items. The Hillside Mall is your one-stop shop for everything you could possibly need this weekend.


Fort Street – AKA Antique Row is hands-down the best spot to get your hands on some funky pre-loved goods. Not only does Fort Street have a great selection of antique shops, they also host pop-up antique auctions! Check online to get in on the action.

Government Street – Are you a tourist? Are you shopping for a tourist? Do you love the classic Victoria memorabilia? Look no further! Government Street is the ultimate tourism hot-spot in town. There is at least one souvenir shop on every block, so you are sure to find the absolute perfect token!

Johnson Street- For those of you who are looking for a more upscale shopping experience, we would recommend visiting the lower Johnson Street area. Overflowing with boutiques and pop-up shops, Johnson Street offers some ritzy and unique looks from local and franchised vendors.


Moss Street Market – Grab your wicker basket and put your game face on; it’s time for farmers’ markets! Moss Street is one of the most well-known farmers markets in Victoria. Located just outside of the downtown core, Moss Street Market has everything you could ever need to fill your pantry and decorate your living space. Support local vendors and farms throughout the summer months at this market.

Market Square – A more permanent open-air market is Market Square, located in the heart of downtown. When not hosting market days, you can shop around at some of the permanent storefront vendors located in the market. Here you will find yummy food and hilarious novelty items.

Public Market- We would highly recommend you check out the Public Market in the Hudson Building for all of your artisan needs. They regularly feature delicious local vendors such as the Very Good Butchers, Victoria Pie Co, and the French Oven.

Whether you’re looking to step up your style game, or stock up your pantry, Victoria is brimmed with fantastic shopping spots. We hope this list inspires you to head downtown and check out some of the fantastic stores here in Vic.

Happy Shopping!