If you’ve been to the island, odds are you have made the quintessential islanders trip to Tofino. You’ve probably packed up your snacks and piled in the car, all ready for the 3-4 hour road trip. You’ve likely arrived and headed straight for the beach or the nearest surf rental shop. You most certainly played in the water, shredded some serious waves, and left feeling completely satisfied.


But what if we told you that all of this could be achieved, but with less than half of the commute?


Most visitors never learn this, but there is a second amazing surf location that only the locals know about. Where is it? Jordan River beach.

photo: dondenton.ca

photo: dondenton.ca

Now, we’re not here to say that Tofino is not amazing surf – because it is! But if you live for the sport, and are looking to spend less time/money hitting the waves, then Jordan River is definitely for you!

The Pros:

  • With less traffic than Tofino’s long beach, you are always able to find a spot to park your board
  • Jordan River is located only an hour and a half from Victoria
  • There is no paid parking – if you find a spot for your vehicle, you don’t have to worry
  • If you are interested in staying for multiple days, there is a campground conveniently located right on the beach
  • The Cold Shoulder Cafe is located just across the street from the beach, so you can warm up with some cocoa while still in your wetsuit



The Cons:

  • Jordan River is a rock beach, as opposed to Tofino’s soft sandy beaches. Beware if you take a tumble!
  • There is very limited parking near the beach
  • There are no surf rental spots near the beach, so you will need to plan ahead of time
  • When the surf is good, it’s reaaall good, but you better check in advance to make sure you’ll be getting some good waves

This little gem is a local surfer’s paradise!


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feature image: vancouverisland.com