Known as beautiful British Columbia, this coastal province is teeming with natural beauty. Vancouver Island is no exception: with lush, green forests, cascading waterfalls, beautiful beaches and soaring mountain ranges, it is a pristine wonderland.

While strolling through the urban centre of Victoria is a great deal of fun, there’s nothing like escaping the city streets and seeing things from a different perspective. Whether that includes a drive, a stroll, or a challenging hike, there are numerous ways to catch an amazing angle of this incredible city.

Let’s take a look at 10 of the most enchanting viewpoints the city has to offer.

Stunning Viewpoints Near Victoria 

Mount Douglas Park

Victoria Viewpoints

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This beautiful park offers outstanding, 360 degree, panoramic views of Victoria. From casual walks to more strenuous hikes, this park affords a litany of incredible perspectives; however, the view from the top of the summit is breathtaking. 

Mount Tolmie Park

Victoria Viewpoints

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If you aren’t into hiking, Mount Tolmie Park has some remarkable views that are accessible by car. From here, there may be more crowds to contend with, but the view is no less spectacular. Much like Mount Douglas, you’ll get an expansive, 360 degree view of Victoria, and it is stunning!

Lone Tree Hill

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No, it isn’t just the name of a popular television show, it’s also an amazing hike on Vancouver Island. Just as the name indicates, there is an incredible summit with a couple of rather lonesome looking trees at its peak. The view at the top is incredible, and the hike up is just as lovely. Known as the Highlands region, the trail is well defined but steep in certain areas, so come prepared!

Mount Finlayson

Another hike in the Highlands region will take you to the summit of Mount Finlayson. While this hike also requires some physical exertion, the payoff is well worth it. As Instagram posters will testify, this perspective makes for the ultimate photoshoot.

Jocelyn Hill

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Located in the Gowlland Tod Provincial Park, Jocelyn Hill has incredible views of the Saanich Inlet below. The peak is accessible from either Caleb Pike in the South or McKenzie Bight from the north. The view of the water is spectacular on a clear day, but looks enchanting covered in a thick layer of fog.

Goldstream Railway Trestle

A spectacularly unique vantage point, this scenic walkway takes you over an abandoned railway track soaring high above the forest floor. Perfect for a beautiful hike, this tour takes you from Highway one through a tunnel, and then past a cascading waterfall into Niagara Creek Canyon. There are many beautiful viewing points along this gorgeous trail.

East Sooke Park

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This gorgeous park is home to a number of scenic views. Overlooking the water, many of the viewpoints along the spectacular Coast Trail are expansive and breathtaking. The hike itself takes around 8 hours, and provides numerous Kodak moments.

Pickles’ Bluff

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Located in Central Saanich in John Dean Park, this is a relatively easy hike with an amazing reward. The expansive view from the summit is glorious, and pairs especially well with an colourful sunrise or sunset.

Highrock Park

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For those who aren’t looking for a strenuous hike, Highrock park provides the perfect place to capture a great view of the city without extra effort. At night, this viewpoint provides an ideal view of the city’s flickering lights, and looks magical during the winter months.

Anderson Hill Park

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With cascading views of the ocean from the lush, rolling green hills, Anderson Hill Park is pure majesty. Watching the sunset from this beautiful viewpoint is sublime, and witnessing the stars twinkle over the tides will leave you spellbound. Enjoy the magic!