It’s Saturday morning and the sun is shining through your screenless, open window because this is Victoria and that kind of bug-free freedom exists. The cell phone lights up with 1 of the 5 messages you’ve missed throughout the night. The crew wants to know now: what are the plans for today? Beach? Patio? Someone decide.

You had Friday afternoon to feel the sand between your toes and watch the waves. You think the idea of a patio with some day-drinking could be your vote but sitting in the sun fully clothed and surrounded by people may thoroughly test your patience and sunscreen strength.

You need a place where you can swim to balance out the sun exposure and body temperature. You need a place where a cold, slushy piña colada can sit on the deck and await for your return. While you’re dreaming up this fantasy, you’d like palm trees added to the secluded area to block the downtown buildings, and a nice waitress/waiter who genuinely seems to love the job.

Forget the fantasy because we found Victoria’s exotic, VIP experience.


Splash Restaurant & Lounge, a part of Capitol City Centre Hotel on Douglas, gives you the beauty of escape when you need the break from beach life or just a couple hours to believe you’re in Mexico (we could all use more of that). There’s no bill attached to this get-away location, but factor in the cost of bar/restaurant menu items. That’s right, order something = get pool access. Pretty sweet deal.

While you’re listening to us, here are a couple things you should do while pretend vacationing in your tropical oasis: Order sangria, order poutine, get a table with an umbrella, and Instagram/Snapchat this experience to really confuse your following friends.

We’re not saying bail on the beach every weekend; we’re islanders and that would qualify as treason, but on those off days when the Pacific’s icy temperature is just too much or you’re looking for the sweet drinks with fancy toppers that you’d never make yourself, Splash could be your VIP key.

Just imagine the piña colada served on a tray, the sun shining, music in the background and the pool inches from your lounge chair. No plane required.

Know a similar exotic hidden gem in Victoria? Like to share your secret? Let us know!